Synereo announces its partnership with Qiyi Culture, one of China’s top online PGC content production companies to expand the platform within the region. Qiyi Culture Communication Ltd, a Shanghai-based production company with over 30 million viewers for single original content, will introduce WildSpark to deliver decentralized content monetization to China’s online content creators.

In its beta phase, WildSpark content creators already have a combined footprint of 1.5 million subscribers. The platform allows value and information to flow freely, cutting third parties out of the equation while giving creators and curators the chance to monetize their creations and earn cryptocurrency for content they distribute and promote across various social platforms.

Qiyi Culture Founder Ting-Ting Yu (L) and Synereo Greater China Region
President Beijing Tianxiaqingyang CEO Jeremy Hao-Min Chou during signing ceremony.

Synereo’s cryptocurrency, “AMP,” is a token with real-world value that incentivizes users to reward content creators and be rewarded for content discovery and bringing the content to new appreciating audiences. The better they are at matching content to new audiences, the more AMPs they’ll receive for their efforts.

With 20 Content IPs per annum, 9 Original Content IPs, Qiyi Culture produces some of China’s top PGC content such as the documentary “The Centennial Code”, entrepreneurial talk show “Tingting Founding”, fashion talk show “Ting Style”, “Sister deformation”, a talk show breaking 10 million viewers per week, and many more.

“We’re excited to partner with Synereo and incorporate blockchain technology to decentralize the content economy in China,” says Ms. Ting-Ting Yu, Founder and CEO of Qiyi Culture. “As the demand for valuable content grows, so does the need to reward our users and partners who create and consume quality content.”

“Bringing our decentralized technologies to China is a large step for us and we are thrilled to partner with Qiyi Culture to do so,” says Dor Konforty, CEO and co-founder of Synereo. “The market for online content is thriving in China, and with this partnership, we’re in a position to rally and empower content creators and curators across the region by allowing them to be compensated for their talent.”

More about Qiyi Culture
Founded in March 2015, Shanghai Qiyi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded by Ting Ting Yu, previously the host of China’s most well known financial group. Ting Ting was previously the co-founder of the Sisters Association, director of SPO Global ‘Her Leader Alliance”. Her latest venture, Qiyi Culture, focuses on content creation in cultural fashion and financial media, as well as integration of film and television, adhering to the industrial integration and business diversification strategy. Qiyi Culture actively promotes all-around innovation in products, technology, content, marketing, and more; providing users with a rich, high-definition, smooth, professional video experience.


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