Did you know that there are serious advantages to just sharing content, instead of getting into the business of content creation?

In the past month, we have seen a dramatic increase in Wildspark creator applications, up 1700% from the monthly average. This is partly because of the overall increase in WildSpark users and due to the fact that Creators earn 85% of all Amplifications, while Curators (those who share) earn 7.5%.

This has led to a couple of mistaken beliefs:
1. Content Creation is more worthwhile than Content Curation
2. Anyone can become a verified Content Creator

I’m here today to debunk these beliefs.

Content Curation can actually earn you more

Content Creation definitely gets the larger piece of the Amplification pie. However, content sharing takes much less effort. Because of this, sharing has the potential to be much more rewarding and have much more earning power.

If you have a professional studio, experience, and a large subscriber base, then sure, your content will find a following that appreciates and rewards it. But that takes time, money, and a great deal of energy.

Sharing content, on the other hand, takes seconds. Someone else already took the time to put in the work and create the content. But, it only takes moments to gauge whether you like it and whether you think others will like it as well, and then upload it to WildSpark.

Picture it: you can either spend a lot of time to write, video, and edit your own content, and maybe find people who will recognize the work you put in and enjoy it enough to Amplify it, or, you can take something you KNOW people want to see and are already talking about – and Amplify that instead.

Replays of Lebron James’ game 3 winner against the Raptors, a mashup of the celebrities at the MET Gala, a video (or breakdown) of President Donald Trump’s speech on backing out of Obama’s deal with Iran — these are all pieces of content that already exist and that you just need to upload to WildSpark for people to see and Amplify them. It’s as simple as that.

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WildSpark is designed to reward users based on their level of participation. Creators invest more, and therefore, if their content succeeds, they deserve to earn more as well. However, in the time it takes to create a video, a Curator can share 1,000 pieces of pre-existing content! So, while a Curator earns a smaller percentage, if the videos you share are good, you can earn a lot more with less effort.

Anyone can become a verified WildSpark Content Creator. Really? Think again.

The second belief is that anyone can be accepted as a verified WildSpark Creator. This is not the case.

As part of the vision that inspired WildSpark, we have a duty and responsibility to our user base to provide quality content that people actually want to see. If all the applications received to become verified WildSpark Creators produced interesting and captivating work, that would be great.

In reality, however, some users seem to apply solely to abuse the verified Creator status, employing unethical tactics to Amplify their content that most genuine users would consider spam.

WildSpark is therefore more selective and discerning, cracking down on the abuse. In reviewing Creator applications, the WildSpark system checks a content channel’s validity, ensuring it meets both Synereo’s standards and legal requirements. During the review, a number of factors are evaluated; the lifetime of the channel, number of subscribers, number of views, amount of content published, the length of published videos, and copyright compliance. If the application does not meet these requirements, it will be declined.

WildSpark is here to liberate the Attention Economy and provide users with content they will TRULY appreciate and will TRULY want to reward. So, if you’re a legitimate Creator, by all means, get verified and earn the AMPs that you rightly deserve. But if you’re not a Creator, there is still money on the table for you based solely on curation, sharing content that you know others will love.

Keeping the new Internet nice and clean while making money?

In this case, sharing really is caring.


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