And now it’s time to grow WildSpark’s user base and expand the Liberated Attention Economy.


Synereo is launching WildSpark’s very first referral program, providing an incentive for new users to join as we open the doors to the new version now live at


Find your unique referral link by clicking Invite a Friend on the profile menu. You’ll get 3 AMP for each new signee.



Whenever you post the link to WildSpark and someone registers through it and starts Amplifying content, 3 free AMP will be credited to your account.



Content creators using WildSpark are as well now encouraged to publish their link on their channel’s header and description to increase the flow of AMP into their WildSpark account, both through the new program and by getting more of their fans WildSpark-enabled.


You are invited to share your links in any way you see fit, but please remember to be kind and respectful, mindful of the etiquette of the social space you’re acting in.


Nobody likes spam!


For any questions or clarifications, please email support or visit our Discord channel.


In other news, WildSpark’s Chrome extension, up until now the platform’s closest touch point to the Internet, is now complemented by a self-reliant, in-app, content sharing feature. Users on all platforms, browsers, desktop and mobile can now share and AMP new content.





We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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