WildSpark’s growth, stunted by the lack of scalability and high transaction fees of the Bitcoin Blockchain, required our team to search for the right technology to support the expansion of WildSpark, and lay the foundations for our future Attention Economy solutions.


After surveying the available options for many months, we’ve determined the clear winner. With a solution that supports lower-fee transaction, smart contract capabilities, and an infrastructure allowing Synereo to shift its business logic to a decentralized environment, we found Ethereum to be the right choice.



Aside from the obvious product benefits arising from this move, we are happy to join the incredibly active and prolific Ethereum community. As Synereo’s existing and upcoming products, facilitating novel economies, rely on smart contracts designed by the eclectic communities they host, we hope many new ideas, social structures, and other features developed for Ethereum become integrated into Synereo’s open-source environments to the benefit of both communities.


The exchange of AMPs will take place on Synereo’s live platform at WildSpark.me. Users with an existing AMP balance on their WildSpark accounts, or new users depositing AMPs at any time after the switch, will be credited with the new ERC20 AMP tokens and be able to withdraw them to standard Ethereum wallets.   


We appreciate your attention

— The Synereo Team  



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