A new homepage for Synereo was launched today. The new website better communicates our message and mission as the Attention Economy company as well as fleshes out our products and roadmaps for them. The website is now a clear statement of what Synereo is, what we do, and what we plan on doing next.



We invite you to get to know the team on our brand new team page; learn more about the use and distribution of AMPs on the new AMP page; and get a coherent, definitive understanding of the necessary future steps on our way to creating the Liberated Attention Economy on the roadmap page. All previous press mentions are available on the Press Kit page that will be updated each time a new publication becomes available.  


A new, more detailed roadmap for WildSpark will be added soon.


As usual, we welcome all feedback, comments, and questions on our Discord channel.   


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


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