With just a month left before the mainstream release, we’d like to update you on all the developments that will remain behind the scenes until the full update drops.


On the Way to Additional Platform Support


In order for us to allow the growth of the Liberated Attention Economy, we must support content other than video, empower creators ranging from all content spheres. Enabling support for additional platforms (other than YouTube) is a significant milestone from an architectural point of view – a milestone we’ve now achieved. WildSpark’s server-side is up and ready to support a multitude of platforms; two have already been integrated successfully.


On the Way to a Fully Functional Web-App


One of the main goals of the upcoming release is turning WildSpark into a fully functional web-app, where users can perform all needed actions within the app’s interface.


User profile pages are ready! WildSpark identity and summary of activity? You got it. 

All WildSpark actions, AMPs received, AMPs spent, followers, withdrawals and deposits, all will become available from within WildSpark’s interface.


What Are We Doing Next?


On our plate at the moment is the development of notification types that will serve to enhance the user experience. Once defined, these notification would be integrated within the web-app’s interface.  


Once that’s accomplished, we’ll move on to in-app Amping, so that users will no longer redirect to YouTube to Amp content while browsing WildSpark.


Integrating extension functionalities into WildSpark allows us to relegate the use of the extension to external browsing only, making the WildSpark experience perfectly streamlined.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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