We would like to open the floor to discuss a wide variety of issues that both, directly and indirectly, relate to our vision and mission statement of creating a fairer, freer Internet, through a truly liberated attention economy.


For this reason, we have opened a new blog, hosted on Medium.



The Synereo blog on Medium is a venue to discuss more mainstream talking points, focusing on the pros and cons of centralization and decentralization, attention economies, and a wide variety of other interesting topics that, each in their own way, can be associated with what we are aiming to accomplish here at Synereo.  


Synereo will soon be launching a new site, which will include a link to the page.


Meanwhile, the current blog on the Synereo website will continue to function as it has, with an emphasis on company accomplishments, WildSpark (and other) product updates, plans for the future, and team news.


We encourage you all to visit the new blog and share your thoughts.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


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