2017 was a year of accomplishments; all deadlines stated were reached, each milestone set was achieved, every commitment was met.

During the past 12 months, Synereo launched WildSpark and steadily advanced it from Alpha, to MVP, and soon into a mainstream-oriented product with an active community of thousands of members, attaining to the milestones detailed in the Synereo roadmap.



2018 Is the Year of Major Product Development

The well anticipated mainstream release scheduled for February, in which we will introduce further platform support and a multitude of social features, is only the first major release for 2018. During this coming year, we will develop WildSpark’s mobile application, release the Curator dashboard, create novel economic structures for social groups (aka categories), add new extension functionalities, and much, much more.


2018 Is the Year of Strategic Partnerships

To grow the Liberated Attention Economy, Synereo has entered agreements with a handful of major corporations, aiming to transform old-world enterprises into successful new-world ventures. As the interest is mutual, we are certain these strategic partnerships will significantly grow the community, the number of the economy’s active participants, and the reach of Synereo’s products. We will disclose further information regarding these partnerships when the time is right.


2018 Is the Year Synereo Goes Multi-Product

WildSpark is the cornerstone set for Synereo’s fair Attention Economy. In 2018, we will launch an additional product that will bring our vision to full realization. The innovative financial model, core to this product, includes disruptive incentives creating a radical economy fit for the age of decentralization. This ecosystem ties peer-to-peer economy to social group economy for the mutual benefit of all participants on a decentralized content monetization platform. Participants of this new economy will be able to support their favorite creators through novel means with the creators rewarding their community’s most active participants through various engagement plans. Such cooperation between creators, curators and consumers, fed by all participants’ shared success, is the epitome of the fair Attention Economy.


We are grateful for the support we receive from our community members, and the pledge we give to you is the same as to ourselves: we will not cease until the worldwide content ecosystem operates such that the Attention Economy is fair and rewarding to all participants, putting value created in the hands of those responsible for it.


We will not cease until we replace the exploitative models prevalent today; until every internet denizen has use of, and access to, AMPs.


Here’s to a great year!


We appreciate your attention,
— The Synereo Team

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