WildSpark’s journey towards becoming a viable mainstream product continues!

WildSpark v2.3 Danube was released earlier today, introducing the categorization and content discovery feature. The fundamental category base consists of five categories, based on much-appreciated input from our community:


     Crypto    |    LOL     |    Gaming    |    Music    |   Science & Tech




This initial category base will be significantly broadened in the future, as more creators, curators, and content flow into WildSpark.


With the Danube release, WildSpark grows beyond its existing running feed to become a customized platform for consumption of quality content.

In addition to the content discovery feature, Danube presents a brand new look for WildSpark, displaying cleaner pages that focus on the content and leading WildSpark towards the February release.


A new FAQ page was added to ease newcomers’ way to WildSpark. In this page, visitors will find answers to a variety of frequently asked questions ranging from technical queries to withdrawal procedures, AMPs purchase and more.

On the community front, the Synereo community is moving on up and joining Discord, a more secure, feature-rich platform for community communications, providing our team with stronger moderation tools that will allow us to maintain high level of support for our community members. We urge anyone who hasn’t yet done so to step forth and join our community at this exciting period in WildSpark’s evolution.


WildSpark is a work in progress, and moreover – it is a collaboration, between Synereo’s devoted team and our appreciated community. We invite you to share your thoughts on the product and influence its design and development. This cooperation is key in promoting our mutual goals.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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