WildSpark’s initial feature set is fully functional, allowing users to send cryptocurrency directly to content creators as well as be rewarded for distributing and discovering content others appreciate.

Following two months of testing, and with the validation of our basic assumptions for the product, Synereo will soon be ready to take WildSpark mainstream. A major update will be released in three+ months, followed by a drive to populate the network with many new users from a multitude of communities and interest groups.

This next milestone represents a significant step towards creating a decentralized, liberated layer of monetization and information flow on top of the existing web. Read on for details on its major components.




Before this next milestone, a smaller update is planned to hit in two weeks:

The November 8th Update – WildSpark Danube

This imminent update will introduce a long-requested feature, dividing WildSpark into categories. Each category will become a space for a community of curators and users, allowing them to interact based on their shared interests and tastes.

The initial category base consists of five categories, based on much-appreciated input from our community:

___• Science

___• Gaming

___• Crypto

___• Music

___• Funny


This selection will be broadened in the future, growing in number and versatility. Eventually, we plan on allowing users to easily create their own spaces on WildSpark.



The February 13th Update – WildSpark Goes Mainstream

The major update, due to be released on February 13, 2018, will shift WildSpark from an extension into a full web-app. It will provide an extensive enhancement to WildSpark’s core capabilities, with a multitude of new and powerful features:


  • Threaded commenting system for each piece of content, with in-browser notifications facilitating an ongoing discussion.

  • Support for content from various platforms in addition to YouTube, including text, music, images, and GIFs.

  • Amplifying content, with the recipients getting AMPs, using any type of currency – crypto and fiat.

  • Creating personal profiles, building a unique WildSpark identity.

  • Earning rewards for referring people to sign up and use WildSpark.


With the site becoming fully-featured, the extension still remains the closest touch point to the web – allowing easy Amplification right after viewing the content you like, providing notifications on the extension bar, and giving access to other simple operations without having to visit WildSpark HQ.




In these exciting times, we urge anyone who hasn’t yet join our community to step forth and join in now. Since WildSpark is a community-driven product, you’re encouraged to make good use of this opportunity to influence its design and affect its development; Synereo takes community feedback into constant consideration.


We appreciate your attention,

The Synereo Team


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