Synereo has hit its first major milestone for its first product; WildSpark’s initial feature set has been developed to fruition. Users can now send cryptocurrency directly to creators, also partnering with them to help distribute their creations. This marks the completion of the first phase of our published roadmap for realizing the vision of a Liberated Attention Economy – a freer and fairer monetization and information flow layer on top of the existing Internet.



Since its launch on August 10th, only two months ago, WildSpark Beta has managed to attract thousands of users. We’ve since updated it twice during the month of September, with the release of Brazos (v2.1.2) and Chindwin (v2.2.1).


With Brazos, we’ve added a notifications counter to the Chrome extension bar to conveniently see and act on new relevant activity, and the site’s design was updated to be more user-friendly. Although hidden from WildSpark users, updates were also made to the back office, enabling faster approval of withdrawals, swifter verification of users, and other features allowing Synereo to provide better service.


After Brazos, the extension, as well as all key features of the website and the back office, have matured technologically, allowing us to shift our primary focus to polishing WildSpark’s interface and enhancing our users’ experience. Chindwin, the latest version, brought forth various upgrades to the website, such as significantly faster loading times, as well as a new Trending algorithm which gives fresh Amplifications a better chance of making it to the top of the list.  Significant advancement was made to our fraud detection abilities, making it safer for Synereo to continue issuing AMP incentives to users using AMPs to support the growth of the new network and its economy.


In its current state, WildSpark constitutes a solid, scalable Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that meets the core requirements as we originally defined. It has fulfilled its purpose as a validation of our product ideas and  has allowed us to receive invaluable feedback from our community members and partners, which will manifest itself in the upcoming updates and changes to the platform.


The next challenge on WildSpark’s path is making it ready for prime-time. Developing the product beyond its minimal functionality and expanding the user base beyond its community of early adopters. Synereo will soon launch a WildSpark that everyone – not just the cryptocurrency community – can get excited about. In the following weeks, we will gradually unveil new features, each advancing WildSpark towards the mainstream-viable product it is to become in early 2018.


We appreciate your attention,

The Synereo team

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