Following the deployment of our most recent major patch, Brazos, we found ourselves staring at the home stretch for the current WildSpark iteration: The extension, as well as virtually all key features of the WildSpark website, are functioning properly. The Synereo team has a solid back office solution, and our current primary focus is polishing WildSpark’s interface, improving the user journey as we craft the next major update to the product.

Chindwin, WildSpark’s latest version, fixes a plethora of non-critical issues aiming to further enhance its user experience:

Website Upgrades


  1. Faster Loading Times
    The average load time for the entire page was cut down from 6.4 seconds to just 1.28; five times faster than its older version.
  2. New Trending Algorithm
    The new formula gives greater weight to more recently posted content. Extremely popular videos from the past can no longer get stuck at the top of the list for extended periods of time, making room for fresh Amplifications on the rise.
  3. Shinier AMP icon
    It’s all about the little details!


Back-Office Optimizations


  1. Fraud Detection
    Since WildSpark is an application based on a valuable cryptocurrency, it’s unfortunately targeted for fraud by various dishonest parties. To prevent such abuse of the system, we’ve implemented several tools to help us detect suspicious activity, making the misconduct shine bright through the data like beacons in the dead of night.
  2. Manual Withdrawal Review
    For the security reasons mentioned above, every WildSpark withdrawal request is personally handled by trusted Synereo team members.

Bug Fixes


  1. Facebook Preview
    Sharing WildSpark links on Facebook will now show the video’s name and thumbnail instead of the WildSpark logo and tagline.
  2. Channel Name Display
    The videos on now always bare the channel name of their creator. Previously, some of them showed an internal WildSpark ID code.
  3. Keeping Curator History
    A second Amplification (“Re-AMPing”) of content used to change the Curator on display. It now shows the correct Curator responsible for content discovery.
  4. Accurate Timestamps
    The Trending Feed will now show standardized timestamps, indicating exactly when the content was Amplified.
  5. Withdrawal Messages
    Some users who tried to withdraw their AMPs from WildSpark used to receive an erroneous message alarming that their withdrawal was unsuccessful, while in fact, their request reached our servers without any problems. WildSpark Chindwin will now generate accurate messages, reflecting the actual status of withdrawals.



As the WildSpark extension and its Homepage’s evolution continues, we’ll make sure to bring the community up to speed on all action. Stay tuned.


We appreciate your attention and input,

— The Synereo Team

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