The weekly leaderboard competition continues, and once again we’re here to reward WildSpark’s most contributive and active users with 8,000 AMPs in total. If you’re on the list – take a look at your new balance!

Would you like to be one of next week’s winners? Fire up the WildSpark extension, discover great content, Amplify, and share. The rewards you give creators and curators alike for the value they generate could lead to a great reward for you in return.

Learn more about the contest at:


8000 AMPs Free Weekly – WildSpark Leaderboard



1st place – 3000 AMPs
2nd place – 2000 AMPs
3rd place – 1000 AMPs
4th – 20th place: 120 AMPs each.

This week’s winners:

  1. GreenBuff
  2. Frank
  3. Obbly
  4. StoneWalker
  5. SirDieALot
  6. Zero5xo
  7. jeffone
  8. UltraRik
  9. alexpfeiffer
  10. ichigo13
  11. ReneMach
  12. hERoIC15397
  13. juanjorosale
  14. d3693
  15. Jack001
  16. Fly21
  17. wildsparx
  18. alexmorenoec
  19. Wipper
  20. Fucker

Congratulations to the winners!

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