WildSpark’s development is an ongoing effort. Brazos, its latest version, offers an updated design, bug fixes, an improved user experience, and the first native social feature.

  1. Chat on the website
    WildSpark.me now features a new chat box, where you can find new followers, discover the hottest trends, and make friends with WildSpark users. Simply enter your name and start chatting!
    WildSpark Chat Box
  2. Notifications Counter
    The WildSpark extension icon now displays the number of new notifications waiting for review within a red box, conveniently located in the toolbar.
  3. Updated Website Design
    • The AMP icon, indicating the Curator’s Amplification, has moved to the top right corner of each video box
    • The timestamp moved above the video box
    • Video boxes got just a little smaller in size

  4. Bug Fixes
    • External links now open in a new browser tab
    • The Curator’s details will now always be saved when clicking a video
    • Chrome will now recognize the WildSpark extension when using HTTP or HTTPS connections alike
  5. Back Office
    Although hidden from WildSpark’s users’ eyes, the new Back Office enables the Synereo team to provide our users with much better service: approve withdrawals quickly; verify Creators; change profile details; and more.



As the WildSpark extension and its Homepage evolve,  our teams continue to rely on your feedback and engagement for improving and iterating upon the product.

We appreciate your attention and input,

— The Synereo Team

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