60 days ago, WildSpark didn’t exist.

30 days ago, only a few hundreds of users were invited to the Closed Beta and started using the Chrome Extension.

Today, we open the floodgates, making WildSpark available for everyone. We are entering the Open Beta stage, launching a website that allows you to explore a feed of curated videos based on the allocation of AMPs by fellow users.


WildSpark explained

WildSpark explained


Here’s what you’ll need to get the complete WildSpark experience:

  • Get the Chrome Extension. WildSpark will appear next to every YouTube video, allowing you to send AMPs directly to the creators you like and follow the Amplifications of other users.
  • Verify your account to get Free AMPs (Synereo’s cryptocurrency), with which you can show your appreciation to the creators of your favorite content. Verification is optional; you don’t have to verify your account to use WildSpark.
  • Browse the WildSpark website to discover videos that have been Amplified. Found a video you appreciate? Amplify it again, and spend those AMPs to reward the creator and the person who helped you discover it.
  • If you are a YouTube creator yourself – fill out THIS FORM to register as a Verified WildSpark Creator and get instructions how to claim the AMPs you earned.


If you’re interested in digging a bit deeper,  we recommend reading up on the AMP attribution mechanism that is presently implemented in the Beta version of WildSpark. Synereo intends to calibrate the formula meticulously throughout the Beta period and is committed to being attentive to the feedback coming from content creators and curators.


The upcoming months are formative to this new ecosystem.
We appreciate having you with us.

— The Synereo Team

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