The past few days have been exhilarating. Like a sailor setting sail for the first time, no amount of training can genuinely prepare you for first contact with the turbulent seas.

We could not have hoped for a better start. The servers did not explode, the product kept its integrity, and our testers are enthusiastically sharing WildSpark links all over our Slack channels *cough* *cough*. 

We’ve received heaps of feedback from hundreds of users already actively using WildSpark. The upcoming patch, due this week, will mark the first iteration of many. An iteration is meaningful only if you know what you’re moving towards, and so we’d like to make public the WildSpark short-term feature roadmap. 


Open Beta:

– We’re currently onboarding 50-150 users per day. It may not sound like a lot, but bear in mind that the purpose of the beta is for developers to fix and improve the product quicklyWe plan on having 3000 users by end of month, all with real AMPs to spend as they Amplify content and form Amplification chains.

WildSpark will open its doors to everyone and be freely available for download at the Chrome Web Store by the 13th of August.


The WildSpark Website:

At the moment, WildSpark is a stand alone Chrome extension.

As you may know, this extension is simply the closest touch point of Synereo’s Internet meta-layer to the existing net; itself will soon become the central hub for content curated and Amplified, accessible from all browsers and on mobile, while providing all the functionality of the extension – even if you do not have it installed.

Users will also be able to see recent and hotly Amplified content, organized in true socially-curated form, creating a proper “attention economy front-page” for the web.


Dashboard and Analytics:

We expect some users to be more savvy than others. Content creators and power-curators may have interest in tracking their Amplifications, analysing the performance of their content, and inspecting the propagation of links.

The Synereo team was quite anxious about the product’s first contact with users. We were more than delighted to see it meeting the expectations of our community as a product and our own expectations as a scalable piece of tech we can continue building features on.  


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


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