The WildSpark Beta is just around the corner.

Beginning June 30th, we are inviting you to test-drive WildSpark, which allows you to share the content you like in a way that rewards both you and its creator using AMPs, Synereo’s digital currency.

WildSpark’s upcoming release will, for the most of you, be the first Synereo product you’ve ever touched. As with all first times, we hope you appreciate the excitement and excuse some of the awkwardness of first contact.



There are a few prerequisites for this contact to be made.


Make sure you can use the product.

The version being launched on Friday is based on a Chrome browser extension. In order to properly test-drive this version as a content curator, you’re going to need:

  1. A Mac or a PC computer
  2. An up-to-date Chrome browser
  3. A verified Google account, logged in to Chrome


Make sure you’re on the list.

Until the Beta is open to everyone, the only way to receive an invite is by requesting early access on

If you have already requested early access to the Alpha using a verified Google account, you don’t have to do it again.


You may have to get lucky, at first.

We had a lot of internal discussions as to whether we should run this as an open or closed beta. During Qrator’s (RIP) closed Alpha, our developers have gathered very valuable feedback which facilitated the delivery of the upcoming Beta.

For the first couple of weeks, we want to provide our product and dev teams with a similar experience for the Beta. The onboarding of users will be gradual; Access will granted to hundreds of users, with more people joining on a daily basis, until we exhaust the early access request list and open it up for everyone.


Expect free money.

This isn’t really a requirement, but something you should prepare for. New users will be receiving real, free AMPs so that they can properly experience the product. We also plan on having various bounties and additional ways of earning AMPs during the Beta.

Most importantly – we want you to talk to us and to each other. Send us your questions and feedback, reach out to us on Twitter, and join our community on Slack.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


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