• Qrator has been renamed WildSpark
• Go to and sign up for Beta access
• Beta opens on June the 30th, gradually onboarding users onto the platform

Goodbye Qrator, hello WildSpark.

As much as we like Qrator, being a clever little pun, working on the product revealed it to be more than a mere means of “curation”. Discovering quality content has an adventurous element we wish to capture, as we see the elusive Sparks of excellence worthy of attention to be like Wild fireflies, shining bright across the world wide web.

A short while later, some research into our mainstream target markets, a small focus group discussion – and the new name was born.

Introducing WildSpark – Synereo’s first publicly available product, due to enter Beta on June the 30th. WildSpark will also be the first product to make real use of the AMP, the digital currency issued by Synereo.



Join the Beta

To be part of the action, you’re invited to follow these three easy steps:

1. Visit

2. Register for the Beta with a verified Google account email address

3. Follow the instructions you’ll get via email

Note: There’s no need to sign up again if you’ve already registered to the Alpha.


While WildSpark is being released as an Open Beta, Synereo takes issues of security, scaling, and stability with all due seriousness. Each day, additional users will be granted access to the Beta, and emailed a link to the WildSpark app at the Chrome Web Store. Controlling the onboarding velocity will allow us to be highly attentive to user feedback, and make certain a smooth, reliable, and bug-free experience for all.

You’re invited to join our lively Slack community, and take the best seats for the Beta release.


We appreciate your attention,

The Synereo Team

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