• We’re shipping the Beta in June, as planned.
• The Beta will ship with HTTPS, use of real AMPs, notifications, and other social functions.

Racing towards the Beta release of Qrator, May 2017 has been a busy month at the Synereo office. We’re making progress on all fronts and are on track to ship a functional, polished Beta in June.

With this update, we’d like to share some of the key features the upcoming version has to offer:

Real AMPs
The Beta will make use of AMPs, Synereo’s cryptocurrency. The AMP allocation and transfer mechanism will be the first real-world application of Synereo’s Attention Economy Model.

Security Measures
Qrator Beta will make use of the HTTPS protocol for secure communications, allowing encrypted transfer of data, protecting your sensitive information and keeping your activity discreet.

Follow and be Followed
When sharing content with others or receiving content from them, connecting and continuing to follow each other’s Amplifications is just a single click away. This feature follows the long-term goal of Synereo to create a fully populated, decentralized social networking platform.

Real-time Notifications
Qrator will notify you as you gain new followers, receive content shares from Curators you follow and earn AMPs through further Amplification by those who viewed the content through your unique link.

Our short-term roadmap calls for quick iteration cycles for Qrator and we intend to continue delivering on that promise. Once released, users will see existing features calibrated and more functionality added on an ongoing basis as the Beta rolls out.

We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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