Inching towards the release of Synereo first product, Qrator, mainstream institutions and investors are starting to take notice of Synereo’s innovative approach to the growing problem of publishing and monetizing content on the net.

Gartner Recognizes Synereo as Cool Vendor

In their “Cool Vendors in Blockchain Applications” 2017 report, Gartner, one of the world’s largest research and advisory firms, listed the top five promising companies in the decentralization space for 2017, with Synereo making the cut.

We were glad to see that the report featured a spot-on analysis for Synereo’s mission, accurately capturing the strengths of Qrator as well as the potential for the complete disruption of the content and distribution economy. Gartner understands and clearly portrays the benefits of granting creators, curators and consumers ownership of their data, creations, and communication channels while offering novel ways to monetize intellectual property, unbound by central entities.

We find this vote of confidence to be of value for Synereo and its supporters. With Blockchain being the #1 search term on Gartner in 2017, we expect the report to reach the Fortune 500, Gartner’s mainstay audience, as well as to many of the world’s wealthiest decision makers, looking for up-to-date market insights and opportunities within the blockchain industry.


* Due to Gartner’s strict guidelines, we cannot disclose any part of the $500 report or quote these texts placing massive value on our offering. Other companies mentioned in the report are  Factom, OpenBazaar, SmartContract and Gnosis.

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