• Community provides enthusiastic comments and suggestions for Qrator; feedback being merged into the upcoming Beta
• Qrator is no longer just a browser extension; a new Qrator site will allow for much more streamlined user conversion as well as AMPed content discovery

Three Months of Alpha Testing

After subjecting the Qrator alpha to a host of face to face and online usability tests, and thanks to dozens of engaged and opinionated community members, we have a much better understanding of what makes Qrator tick.

The feedback and suggestions gathered are now being materialized in code as we transition to Qrator’s Beta phase, as well as added to our development roadmap.

Qrator Website: Liberated Attention Economy HQ

Accompanying the Qrator extension – Synereo’s closest touch point to the Internet – is a new website dedicated to this same functionality, serving as a more immediate gateway into the Liberated Attention Economy.

The site allows a wider audience to join and take part in the experience, and will be accessible from any browser, on desktop computers and mobile devices alike.

Amplifying content involves sharing your unique links with others who don’t necessarily have the extension installed. To make it easy for anyone coming through your link to jump into the Amplification game, your shared links will lead to the new Qrator site, providing the entire functionality Qrator offers. This allows newcomers to enjoy an elegant, curated display of content, the option to receive their first AMPs and Amplifity content with few clicks and no installation, and provide a smooth onboarding experience to begin their own search for new Amplifiable material.

The website will be an ongoing effort, whose capabilities will gradually expand over time, providing extended functionality for content exploration, curation, and Amplification management on many different levels.

Amplified Content Discovery

One of the recurring requests from our testers regarded the expansion of Qrator’s content discovery functionality, facilitating the use of Qrator as not only an Amplification device but as a hub on which interesting, high-quality content can be separated from the everyday YouTube chaff.

Aggregating information about content people are willing to invest money in, Qrator produces valuable data that can be put to good use with a new content feed and suggestion mechanism, providing users with a socially-curated, AMP-backed stream of content.


With these and other new additions, Synereo aims to create a complete and coherent experience with Qrator.

If you want to participate in the Beta and influence our development roadmap, or hear at first hand what our test users have to say about their Qrator experience, you’re invited to Join our Slack and take part in the conversation. To keep yourself updated with the ongoing development and the action at Synereo, sign up to our newsletter.

Visit here to learn more about the Qrator extension.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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