With a clear goal of releasing the Beta of Qrator this upcoming June, the Synereo team is deeply engaged in design and development. In the following weeks, we’ll be giving our undivided attention to perfecting Qrator, the tool beginning to realize the long-term vision of a Liberated Attention Economy.

We concentrate our efforts on two tightly linked fronts: Technology and Design.

On the Technological front, we are close to completing our back-end server, created such that it would be simple to later mirror on the decentralized web. This server keeps user information and identities, identifies interactions with content, generates unique user links, and keeps track of all microtransactions. Our developers are now integrating it with the Omni Protocol-based transaction server, allowing our system to synchronize with the blockchain for the secure handling of AMPs.

In addition, we’re fine-tuning the Attention Economy model to maximize gains for creators and curators alike, in a fair and transparent approach that benefits all. We’ll flesh out its mechanism in an upcoming post.

Encouraged by the alpha testing success, backed by a solid technological infrastructure ready and running, and having a clear vision as for what Qrator should do, much is happening on the Design front as well. We’ve recently joined forces with Reuben Rosh, an acclaimed and experienced designer, helping us craft a sharp user experience with his expertise. As a browser extension meant to be a faithful companion, accompanying you on your various web adventures, we’re designing Qrator to be beautiful and functional, non-intrusive yet immediately available, helpful, informative and friendly. We’re giving special attention to social network functionalities, aiming to make it effortless not only to discover quality content through Qrator, but also to support and connect with the people who create and curate it.

In conclusion, after officially announcing Qrator last week, we’re full steam ahead on our way to realize the vision of a Liberated Network. As our work progresses, we’ll keep you updated at key points of development.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


p.s. –
Happy Passover!
Due to the holiday, we’ll publish our next blog post in two weeks.

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