After an intense period of recalibration, reflection and resource assessment, the Synereo team is now confident enough in its plans to make the new Roadmap public.

Synereo’s mission has always been focused on putting the value generated by Internet denizens in their hands. Part of achieving this entails assigning full ownership and control of their social networks – their very own human connections online – to them.

The same goes for Synereo’s extended vision of establishing a platform for creating fully decentralized and distributed applications, with Attention Economy elements baked into the foundations of both the content and communication layers. With our upgraded mission and Roadmap, we’ve been able to elegantly merge these elements together, short-term leading into long. 


This undertaking is a wide-ranging one, to say the least, and it is safe to say that the efforts contributed by the Synereo project to this endeavour will be augmented by our collaborators and colleagues in the decentralization sphere, with which we share our goals and vision.

In order to stay agile and responsive to the environment in which Synereo operates, we chose to design a Roadmap with multiple forking points in critical locations. With the help of our community, and based on the success of our products, we will decide at each point where to focus our attention and resources to maximize the synergy between the Synereo project and the ecosystem in which it grows.  

Given the nature of the industry Synereo operates in, we believe that staying agile, while operating within the context of a greater field of possibilities – all founded on a common vision – is a far more realistic mission than committing to a monolithic multi-year roadmap.

While the road is long, it is paved with applications providing immediate use, offering functioning, real-world solutions that utilize AMPs and provide them with tangible backing, much before our end goal is achieved.



Stage 01 – Attention Economy Layer & API

Building up towards the decentralized social environment Synereo envisions, our first mission is to establish basic Attention Economy tools, ready to be implemented on top of existing social platforms and content distribution hubs. Synereo’s first set of tools will allow content creators to monetize original works on existing networks, without having to turn their channels into advertisment real estate, while granting their followers the opportunity to become paid affiliate publishers.  

During this alpha phase, we’ll invite Synereo’s community members to help test our product assumptions, refine the attention economy model, and provide feedback for the user experience.

Reaching maturation, these tools will merge into a generic Attention Economy Layer and API, interfacing with a variety of existing social media platforms, which will gradually be decentralized to be independent of Synereo’s centralized DB and logic.

Stage 02 – Decentralized Social App & CDN

The user base and networks established during the first stage will then underlie and enhance a decentralized social network application, employing a decentralized Content Delivery Network which will gradually evolve into a full content delivery solution of its own.

With information gathered through the Attention Economy toolkit and a network effect bootstrapped while relying on existing networks, Synereo will be able to hit the ground running with its decentralized social networking app – already populated with users, their social graphs, their identities and histories – all securely stored on the blockchain, privately owned, accessible and controlled by them only.

Stage 03 – Generic dApp Platform and Ecosystem

With a fully decentralized social network with distributed CDN capabilities running, the next and final step on our Roadmap is the generalization of this solution into a dApp platform and ecosystem. This final step brings us to our extended vision, of creating a full suite of tools allowing the easy creation of fully decentralized and distributed applications; scalable, reliable, and secure.

Instead of designing and building a whole chariot before having first invented the wheel(-axle), we learn from best industry practices, only attempting to provide this full, generalized solution after proving the merits of our more specific implementation.


The Synereo team is looking down a long road; an exciting and promising one, with tangible deliverables that address real-world needs, in the immediate future. We are grateful for the privilege of walking this road with you – a diligent and opinionated community of involved members, without which this project would be unimaginable.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team    


  1. It’s definitely a great initiative in the decentralized web. As a content creator, I am very much excited to host my ideas to explore the world of ‘attention economy through you. I believe, the potent combination of Blockchain, Decentralized Web that is coupled with Artificial Intelligence going to alter our world irrevocably. This is truly an exciting period.

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