Dec 12 Update:

Dear all,

Today, on December 12th, the majority of Synereo LTD’s shareholders voted in favor of Greg Meredith’s removal from the company’s board, as well as for the cancellation of his consultancy agreement as Chief Scientist of Synereo.

We wish Greg well, and hope to see him succeed as a major contributor to the global decentralization project we’re all part of.

On the 20th of January, Synereo will reveal its new development plan for a distributed social network, operating according to the principals of the Attention Economy and granting real value to AMPs. Our technical team is crafting a viable roadmap for a usable product, to be staged in a reasonable timeframe within our existing budget.

Synereo’s roadmap will include usable intermediate applications, which will utilize real AMPs and set the bedrock for the network effects necessary for a fully functioning decentralized social network. Additional info will be released as soon as the fine details are ironed out. Sign-up for alpha testing for the first Synereo application will open on the 25th of December, and we encourage all of you to take part so that we can deliver a high-quality product as soon as possible.


The last few weeks have been emotionally challenging for all of us. In the spirit of moving forward, and in order to allow for a successful incubation of this new trajectory, we have decided to establish a cooling-down period on our communication channels. Greg has temporarily been removed from Synereo’s Slack channel, in order to allow him, as well as ourselves, to digest the recent events and allow the Synereo team to focus on delivering our product. He, and everyone else, is more than invited to rejoin us after the Holidays in a refreshed spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Synereo, despite recent turmoil, is in a good place as a company. We have attracted world class talent and have every intention of delivering on our promise. Several candidates for a new Chief of Technology are already being discussed; we have 3 full stack developers, 1.5 front-end developers, and additional engineers with rich backgrounds in math, economics and physics, rejoining the project.

Onboard with an enthusiastic and highly skilled team, freed from legacy constraints, and with a clear and achievable development plan, Synereo is determined to move forward to achieve the goals of our community and supporters.

We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team


Dec 7 Update:

Dear all,

The last couple of weeks were filled with uncertainty, confusion, and misinformation. Synereo is more than a startup; it’s a shared vision of an engaged and involved community, and as such, organizational turmoil affects us all emotionally, as we witness a project we hold dear making the adjustments needed to make its way forward.

We regret that you had to experience this process the way it was conducted, but can assure you that our shared vision is safe, and that this challenge will leave us in better and healthier shape than it is has found us in.

Attached you’ll find a short recap of the recent events, the current state of affairs and our prognosis for the foreseeable future.

In order to calm the atmosphere down a little bit, we have decided to postpone the Community Hangout planned for today; we will resume normal operations next week. In the meantime, we hope that everyone involved will respect our shared values, remember that we’re all in this together, and refrain from personal attacks on one another.

Thank you for being with us.
— The Synereo Team




Dear Synereo Supporter,

The Synereo Team is committed to keeping you up to date on recent, ongoing developments.


Following the recent funding campaign, Synereo’s CTO has put forward a proposal where he requested to be allocated funds so that he can continue working on future technology, separately from the Synereo team, while transitioning away from the existing tech stack Synereo relied on so far and without having delivered a stable and usable product.

While we, the Synereo team, feel obligated to take such a proposal seriously and perform our best due diligence prior to making a decision, we believe that allocating significant funds to a single member of the team, one who was to be held accountable for the project’s immediate technological deliverables, would be irresponsible.


We want to assure our community of supporters, investors, contributors and followers that regardless of what happens next, the rest of the Synereo team will work hard towards delivering functioning, real-world solutions that utilize AMPs and provide them with backing.

This has been our goal from day one, and it has not changed; now, with the incredible amount of resources in our possession, our ability to do just that has increased tremendously.

Synereo has 3 full-stack developers, 1.5 front-end developers, and has 2 other developers with rich backgrounds in math, logic and physics, rejoining the project. We have also onboarded a new Technical Program Manager with 14 years of experience in the tech world.


The team is working on a plan forward and will present it soon. We will be making a distinct shift in attitude, moving towards quick & iterative development strategy that normal users can feel – so that you can begin trusting our product rather than merely trusting our vision.

More to come soon,


Thank you for your attention,

— The Synereo Team

Dor, Yaniv, R Violini, Noy, Tim, Joeri, Henry, Beerit, Gary, Julian, MJ, Gal

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