We’ve pushed the button, the script is running, and AMPs are on their way.
The AMPs should now be available in your wallet. If you purchased AMPs through BnkToTheFuture.com, they’ll be credited to your account. You can login and withdraw them now.

Remember – you can only see your AMP balance in Omni protocol enabled wallets, such as Omniwallet. If you wish to cold store your AMPs, please consult this guide.

We’d like to thank our friends at Omni for all of their help and support in the distribution process.

If you mistakenly purchased AMPs using a Poloniex account, we have good news.

During our campaign, several Synereo supporters have mistakenly used their Poloniex account to purchase AMPs from sale.synereo.com. Since we didn’t have any prior agreements with Poloniex, we couldn’t assure that these AMPs will arrive at their destination safely. Hence, we emphasized the importance of using only wallets which grant users direct control over private keys, like OMNI wallet. etc.

In order to retrieve your AMPs, please open a support ticket with the Poloniex customer service, and let them know that you’ve purchased AMPs from Synereo using your Poloniex account. Instructions will follow.

Please keep in mind that this arrangement is valid only for Poloniex. We can by no means vouch for the behavior of other exchanges or wallet operators that do not grant direct access to private keys.

We want to take this opportunity and thank Synereo’s diligent, long-time community member @SynereoTilo for making this arrangement happen.

Amp Hand


You have probably noticed that this funding campaign was of unique nature. For the first time a crypto-startup offered its tokens in a massive funding campaign, while these coins are already being traded on most of the major exchanges.

Setting price tiers for this campaign, and finding a fair, but incentivizing bonus structure, was not an easy task. The Synereo team has consulted with its community and economic experts, and deliberated the subject for a long time to come up with a sale mechanism that would prevent price manipulation and market turbulence, while being rewarding for both – new AMP buyers, and those who have been with us from the start.

Additionally, we offered Synereo LTD shares to qualifying investors, and allowed AMP purchases through three different sale venues, some of them accepting non-altcoin payments, which have to be settled and cleared the old-fashioned kind of way. Probably, we all can agree that this was a complicated operation.

It is fair to say that we, and the entire crypto-community, have learned a lot during this campaign. Going forward, with the Blockchain-sphere maturing and slowly stepping out of its infancy state, elaborate campaigns like ours will become more commonplace, including even more sophisticated mechanisms as time goes by. After all, this industry is still making its first steps in refining best practices and setting industry standards. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a leading force in this maturation process, and want to thank you again for being with us and  making this possible.

We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team.  

  1. If the AMPs have all now been released? Then why hasn’t the available supply increased on coinmarketcap.com? I assume as the AMPs are being transferred from the total supply, that the total supply will be dropping by 20+ million AMPs, and the the available supply should rise to over 80 million?


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