Our last Community Hangout was once again very rich in encouraging updates from our development team.

Greg opened the round with updates on recent improvements in node-to-node communication, and urged node operators to move to Warlock, the new Docker infrastructure, which among other improvements, allows the team to capture error data when necessary, considerably assisting Synereo in improving the platform. You can listen to Greg’s full update at 07:20-12:10, on the HO clip, posted below.

Navneet told us about the progress the UI team has been making in creating a more consistent user experience, and in solving some email related issues. (12:52)

Test AMP tipping is also progressing. Listen to Ed give the last updates at 46:25.

Additionally, we talked about Synereo’s recruiting efforts. If you consider yourself a Formal Verification expert, and have a hot hand in juggling with a wide array of languages, or a well-established background in functional programming, you should tune in at 26:00. If you’re interested, please first visit www.synereo.com, join our Slack forum, and engage with our community. Then, send a CV / resume to jobs@synereo.com. Candidates who demonstrate they’ve researched Synereo and self-assessed their best fit will be considered with more priority. If you have a public GitHub code or other open source contributions, please provide them.


If you want to be part of the conversation, join us on slack, and subscribe to our newsletter.

We appreciate your attention.

— The Synereo Team

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