With Bank Transfer purchases cleared and with the information from our partners collected, processed and formatted, we now have all of the data in place to distribute the AMPs purchased during the funding campaign.

We are now testing the script we created alongside the Omni Protocol tools. Once tests are complete, we will begin the distribution process, making sure all participants get their AMPs at the same time.

We appreciate your patience and support, and want to thank you again for taking part in the Synereo project. The moment the script is running and AMPs are on their way to your wallet, we’ll let you know through our newsletter and blog.

If you mistakenly purchased AMPs using a Poloniex account, we have good news.

During our campaign, several Synereo supporters have mistakenly used their Poloniex account to purchase AMPs from sale.synereo.com. Since we didn’t have any prior agreements with Poloniex, we couldn’t assure that these AMPs will arrive at their destination safely. Hence, we emphasized the importance of using only wallets which grant users direct control over private keys, like OMNI wallet. etc.

However, Synereo’s diligent, long-time community member @SynereoTilo has achieved the near-impossible by continually poking Poloniex, until they have agreed to award participants sending BTC directly from their exchange accounts with their AMPs

In order to retrieve your AMPs, please open a support ticket with the Poloniex customer service, and let them know that you’ve purchased AMPs from Synereo using your Poloniex account. Instructions will follow.

Please keep in mind that this arrangement is valid only for Poloniex. We can by no means vouch for the behavior of other exchanges or wallet operators that do not grant direct access to private keys.

While waiting for your AMPs,

Check out this recent interview with Synereo CTO, Greg Meredith, with one of the decentralization space’s most prestigious podcasts – Epicenter Bitcoin. Learn more about Synereo’s technology, how it’s been developed, its present and future applications, the decentralized economy, and Synereo’s attention economy.

Or, have a look at how the press has been reacting to the recent success of the funding campaign:

Synereo raises $4.7m to meet its ‘blockchain promise’ | International Business Times

Synereo Raised Over $4.7m for Decentralized Computation Blockchain | Finance Magnates

Synereo Raises $4.7 Million, Continues to Expand the Team | NEWSBTC

We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team

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