Spearheading into the next stage of the Synereo project, we are en route towards an additional fundraising campaign. The sale will start September 19th, and run for 30 days, until October 18th.

This call will be the second round of Synereo’s multi-phase fundraising strategy, which was detailed during our original sale, in 2015. This strategy was designed to maximize investment impact and to protect investors and AMP holders from capital erosion. Best practices in the startup industry suggest to couple investment rounds to the achievement of development goals – and this is why we’ve scheduled this campaign with the release of Synereo’s alpha social network, and the milestones achieved in the design of Synereo’s 2.0 tech stack.

What will funds be used for?

Our full year one financial reports can be seen here, as well as a record of all AMP transactions made by Synereo to date. What other teams promise, we can unambiguously show; more than 60% of all funds, both fiat raised and AMPs, went towards development.


As we go forward, and with the proportion of overhead decreasing as we scale up the operation, we intend to continue investing the vast majority of our resources in creating the technology and applications underlying and serving the decentralized economy.



Funds raised during this campaign will be used to significantly scale up Synereo’s operations, expand our team, refine the developer tools needed to build on our platform, and optimize the development effort of Synereo’s 2.0 tech stack. The next evolution of our architecture will allow Synereo-powered dApps to match high-end industry requirements and be competitive with centralized computing platforms. With RChain, the dream of the decentralization movement to challenge the role of centralized server farms can become a reality.

The Future Is Coming Sooner Than Expected

Synereo’s RChain-based architecture will be up and running towards the end of 2017, ready to host Synereo’s social network beta shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, we are cooperating with a vast community of developers, entrepreneurs, and decentralization enthusiasts from around the world to create an ecosystem of decentralized applications, deployable on the Synereo platform, and enjoying a network effect between them. We are investing a considerable amount of time and resources in this communal effort and regard it as an essential part of our development plan. Each new dApp on the Synereo ecosystem means more functionality and more users in the decentralized economy, creating value for all participants; and remember – it takes an entire community to make this happen.  ip.bitcointalk

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The future decentralized Internet belongs to all of us, and we invite you to participate in this exciting endeavour. Join the Synereo team on synereo.com/sale and help make this a reality.


Thank you for your support,

— The Synereo Team




Full Development Plan  


Social Layer RChain-Based Tech Stack

Q3 2016


  • September 19 events: 1) BnkToTheFuture investment opportunity begins. 2) Purchase AMPs directly through synereo.com/sale and YUNBI.com at a discounted rate.
  • Team size = 14 full time (FT)


  • Alpha release of Synereo’s social networking layer. Agents, Posts, Tagging, basic Amplification with testnet AMPs, fully decentralized nodes
  • Project 11 program receives 296 applications

  • Synereo & RChain Architecture document published
  • Whitepaper for Rholang, Synereo’s smart contracting language, published

Q4 2016


  • Funding: $2.5M available  
  • Team size = 24 FT (+10)


  • Draft of Attention Economy specification
  • Alpha updates, user feedback integrated
  • More elaborate Attention Economy integrated
  • Groups, venues, conversation threads

  • Improved scalability for Content Delivery Network (SpecialK 1.0)
  • HTTP API and code samples published (1.0 architecture)
  • Rholang language specification draft
  • System contracts (e.g., cell, wallet)
  • Proof of Stake consensus protocol specification published

Q1 2017


  • Team = 30 FT (+6)


  • Full Attention Economy specification
  • Attention Economy, post contracts in Rholang

  • Rholang and RhoVM 1.0 released
  • Rholang development tools alpha
  • RChain sample client application released
  • Node discovery
  • RChain Testnet Live. Features include signature-controlled data on blockchain, multiple nodes, and consensus protocol
  • Zipper (functional Java) typed API and code samples published (2.0 architecture)

Q2 2017


  • Team = 35 FT (+5)


  • Test clones of AMP value ownership to RChain testnet AMP2
  • Attention Economy Contracts in Rholang

  • Consensus protocol completed
    • Node reputation
    • RChain Kernel
  • RChain testnet
  • Rholang development tools release
  • RChain wallet beta

Q3 2017


  • Team = 37 FTE (+2)


  • Synereo Social beta on 2.0 tech stack
  • Content Delivery Network in beta with AMP2 on testnet

  • SpecialK 2.0 with consensus protocol

Q4 2017


  • Funding: Extra funding needed (unless more raised in Q3 2016 sale). Also depends on AMP market and ability to compensate devs from Bounty Wallet.
  • Team = 40 FT (+3)


  • Final clone of AMP ownership to RChain

  • RChain livenet
  • RChain wallets released (mobile and web with support for AMPs)
  • Revenue from RChain fees

Q1 2018


  • Team = 40 FT


    • Synereo Social production release – web and mobile, with RChain-AMP
  • Content Delivery Network release with RChain-AMP
  • Revenue from attention economy fees

  • Multiple currencies supported