During Synereo’s Fundraising Campaign, it will be possible to purchase AMPs at a fixed price through three official channels:

On the Synereo sale page – where AMPs can be bought directly with Bitcoin.

On BnkToTheFuture.com – where qualifying inverstors can purchase shares of Synereo LTD, and AMPs can be bought with Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, and Altcoins.

And on YUNBI, hosting the Synereo AMP sale for the Chinese community.

When buying AMPs on the Synereo sale page, you will be provided with a secure multi-sig address, to which you can send your desired amount of BTC. The acquired AMPs will be sent back to you automatically, shortly after the campaign ends.  

Note that the purchased AMPs will be automatically sent to the same address from which you have wired your Bitcoins. Synereo cannot send AMPs to any other location.

Please make sure that you’re only sending BTC’s from a wallet you control and that you hold the private keys for. This means that you cannot use an exchange (Poloniex, Bittrex, Coin Base etc) account for this purpose . It is, however, possible to use any BTC wallet if you purchase AMPS through BnkToTheFuture.com.

We strongly recommend sending BTCs from an OMNI wallet. Setting up an OMNI wallet is very easy and takes a few minutes only. If you’re holding BTC on an exchange or on an online wallet like CoinBase, you can always move them to your new OMNI wallet address and finish your purchase from there.   

Amp Hand

After receiving your AMPs, we recommend to keep them in cold storage. The most secure option is to print your private key and store it in a secure location. It’s a good idea to print 2-3 copies and store them in different places to minimize risk of loss.


Still unsure about the usefulness of AMPs? Check out this post.


We appreciate your attention,

— The Synereo Team.

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