Spearheading into the next stage of the Synereo project, we are en route towards an additional fundraising campaign. The official sale will start September 19th and run for 30 days. You can take part early in the pre-sale until the official sale begins by contacting us at  https://www.synereo.com/sale

This call will be the second round of Synereo’s multi-phase fundraising strategy, which was detailed during our ICO, in 2015. This strategy was designed to maximize investment impact and to protect investors and AMP holders from capital erosion. Best practices in the startup industry suggest to couple investment rounds to the achievement of development goals, and this is exactly what Synereo has in mind with the release of our alpha.

The alpha will be demoed live for the first time in a conference in Vancouver, on the 9th of September. Participants will be able to install our decentralized node software on their devices, and participate in the alpha version of our social networking layer. The fundraising campaign will begin the following week.

Synereo is on the threshold of considerable growth. While the alpha of the social layer is released as a relatively simple application, to be developed further quickly based on our community’s feedback and suggestions, it marks the maturity of our platform and its ability to underlie completely decentralized applications: able to communicate, create consensus, store and deliver files through a peer to peer network – without relying on any centralized server whatsoever.

With this, the development of Synereo’s scalable, decentralized computation platform has achieved a major milestone and is now ready to enter the next phase – developing the infrastructure for a complete decentralized ecosystem. There are many challenges ahead, and a lot to be done before we can really put a dent in the “sharing economy”, eventually replacing it with a decentralized economy – but it is happening, and we invite you to be part of this groundbreaking endeavor.

Layer Stack

For more information about our Blockchain 2.0 tech stack, see our new Platform Architecture document or check out the Learn More section of our site for the cliff notes.

How Can You Participate?

Equity Investment

The call for investments will be facilitated with the help of BnkToTheFuture.com, the online investment platform for financial innovation and technology investment opportunities.

Qualifying investors can invest in, and receive shares of, Synereo LTD starting from a minimum investment of $1000. Equity investors on BnkToTheFuture will receive an AMP bonus, depending on the size of their investment.

BnkToTheFuture allows you to invest in Synereo LTD via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, and a variety of Altcoins.

AMP Sale

All AMPs to be sold during this campaign are pre-existing AMPs, created in advance and held by Synereo for this purpose. No new AMPs will be created for this sale. As Synereo is committed to utter and complete transparency in all its dealings, all AMP transactions carried out by the company can be viewed here. Minimum participation amount is 0.01 BTC.

Sale Price

For the duration of the fundraising campaign, AMPs will be offered on BnkToTheFuture.com, synereo.com/sale and YUNBI at a fixed price, starting at 33000 satoshi per AMP. The price will progressively increase in three steps, and include a bonus phase of 24 hours.

The Bonus Phase: First 24 hours
AMPs will be offered for 33000 Satoshis per AMP and include an extra bonus of 1 million AMPs through the first 24 hours of the sale, distributed among all AMP buyers in proportion to their purchase amount during that period.

For example: If Alice buys 10,000 AMPs, and the total number sold during the first day was 10,000,000 AMPs, Alice will receive an additional 10,000/10,000,000 * 1,000,000 = 1,000 AMPs.

Stage One (September 19 – October 2)
AMPs will be offered for 33000 Satoshis per AMP

Stage Two (October 3 – October 9)
AMPs will be offered for 36500 Satoshis per AMP

Stage Three (October 10 – October 18)
AMPs will be offered for 40000 Satoshis per AMP


Additionally, the sale offers bonus AMPs based on the amount purchased:

Bonus %     Purchase Amount

3.33%                2 BTC     

6.00%               10 BTC

9.00%               20 BTC

11.00%             50 BTC

13.00%            100 BTC

15.00%            200 BTC

For example: If Bob sends 40 BTC, he will be rewarded with 121212 AMPs. With the 9% bonus, his total would amount to 40 / 0.00033000 * 1.09 = 132121 AMPs.

Starting Time

The official sale begins September 19th 8:00 PM PST (20:00) The official first 24 hour bonus will start at this time and run for 24 hours.

September 19th 8:00 PM PST  (20:00)

September 19th 11:00 PM EST (23:00)

September 20th 11:00 AM China 

September 20th 3:00 AM GMT 

Amp Hand

The sale is structured in such a way that it encourages direct AMP purchases from Synereo, while preventing large buyers from using them to manipulate the market or immediately sell their holdings. Note that all purchased AMPs will be sent to buyers at the same time, a short period after the sale has ended.

Setting the price for this campaign was not an easy task; this will be the first sale for a cryptocurrency that’s already being traded on the market. The Synereo team has consulted with its community and economic experts, and deliberated the subject for a long time to come up with a sale mechanism that was considered fair for all parties involved, and that would prevent price manipulation and market turbulence.

We feel that this is a fair rate, both for our past supporters, and for those who are going to be supporting Synereo during this campaign. We aimed to find a price that would both be inviting for new AMP buyers, and reward those who have been with us from the start. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that this method of sale brings benefit to everyone involved.


If you already want to support Synereo and participate in a sale before it’s launched publicly, visit synereo.com/sale. Participation in the Pre-Sale guarantees the best AMP reward available.

Acquisition channels


You can purchase AMPs at BnkToTheFuture.com, starting from a minimum purchase of $1000, which can be paid for via Credit Card, Bank Transfers, BTC and various altcoins.

Chinese Exchange YUNBI
Synereo has partnered up with YUNBI, serving the Chinese market both as a cryptocurrency and a fiat exchange. YUNBI will set up a dedicated page for the Synereo sale, under the same sale terms as elaborated above.

You can purchase AMPs directly and anonymously from Synereo at synereo.com/sale.


Synereo highly recommends to purchase AMPs through the above channels.

Various exchanges will continue facilitating AMP trade as usual. However, only acquiring AMPs through BnkToTheFuture.com, synereo.com/sale or YUNBI – enjoying the bonuses detailed above – will allow Synereo to further fund its operations, deliver on our shared vision for a freer, fairer Internet, and provide real value for these AMPs through our platform and applications.

Significant participation in the campaign will assure that we reach the full launch of the platform faster, delivering a product of higher quality.

We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for our partners at BnkToTheFuture and YUNBI for their cooperation and diligence in designing this campaign with us.

A decentralized Internet is now closer than ever. We need your support to make this a reality.  

We appreciate your support,

— The Synereo Team.  

    • Only new AMPs sold from our Funding wallet will be included in the 24hr bonus – bought from the following locations:

      Chinese Exchange YUNBI

  1. Can you elaborate a little more about the planned equity investment in Synereo LTD? Does this company already exist? How much of it will be sold? How does Synereo LTD plan to earn money? What will be the relationship between Synereo LTD and the decentralized and autonomous software system Synereo?

      • Posted on the Senereo Slack:

        The sale of these AMPS is going to be tricky I think. Right now if I were to buy around 12-15k (which is how much I was/am thinking of investing) The price on Polo would have to be above 0.000294 BTC to make this offering worth investing in. That’s based on the following. This offering raises close to their maximum amount of USD $8 mil or 45mil Amps, (if they are all bought at the cheapest rate).

        I’m basing my price on 9% bonus plus a share of the 1 mil bonus shares. If 8mil is raised I figure 6.4mil will be raised in the first 24hrs of which my share of the bonus 1mil bonus will be 1875 Amps or around 3.2% on USD 12K investment.

        So with all that taken into account, the effective buy price from this sale would be 0.000294btc, which makes no sense when the current price is 0.000285btc. Add to this, the fact that there will be more AMPs pushed onto the market. I can’t see anything other than the price falling (maybe sharply) *after* the sale ends.

        Unless there is some eminent news just around the corner (like Synereo 2.0 alpha release) then this sale could just fall flat on its face and piss a lot of new and present investors off. I think it would have made more sense to have the sale *before* the initial Official Synereo 1.0 release.

        Best case scenario?? Only 1 million USD is sold (5mil Amps) which would drop the effective price to 0.000245btc….but unlikely.

        So can someone check my math or convince me I have it all wrong. I’ll not be investing until the last half hour of the 24hr bonus round and only if I can see how much has actually been raised in real time and that’s only from BTTF, I’ll have no idea what the other official outlets will have raised to add to the pool that splits the 1 mil bonus amps.

        In fact you could argue you’re actually better to sell what you have now and wait until after the sale to repurchase.

        I’m not trying to rain on this parade. I believe in this project and want it to succeed but this offering is raising more doubts than positives for me.

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