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HO 77


On last week’s community hangout, we learned that thanks to the excellent collaboration between the UI and Server teams, some integration issues were successfully solved ahead of schedule. Several changes for TLS(https) and SRP were integrated, and both teams are now working with the latest code.


Scalability tests are currently being tackled by the team, along with queries based on labels.  Other priority tasks include: multi-node configurations, internationalization, and the finalization of the AMP wallet implementation.


Furthermore, we learned that the UI team is focused on improving reliability versus the implementation of new features. Also, the  SOC-91 branch (“performance refactoring”) appears stable and ready to merge into Staging with no obvious functional or performance regressions noticed. The Sample Import Process has been streamlined, and the backlog updated.


We are actively working through the requirements and design for basic AMP interactions (on testnet). Tune in for HO 78 for more details on the subject, and be sure to keep the Platform Architecture document handy for reference!


Overall, work is progressing at a healthy pace, but some issues still need to be addressed for a successful alpha release – which is planned for early September.

Greg also announced that he will be presenting at DEVCON2 in Shanghai China late September.


That’s it for this time. The full hangout can be viewed here.

And you’re always invited to

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