Hi there, good people of the Synereo community.

To celebrate the upcoming bnktothefuture.com fund raising pitch and Alpha release, we’re going to have some fun. Ready?

All behold the Synereo Cartoon Contest!

Synereo Example Cartoon-1
As you can see, we’re in desperate need for your help.

There won’t be snacks, but we do have prizes to hand out.

So what’s the deal?

Come up with a funny concept for a Synereo cartoon, we pick some we like, you vote on your favorites, and we reward the lucky talents with a fresh bundle of AMPs. Submissions have to be at least 10 times better than the above example.

If you’re like us, you’re probably better at decentralizing the Internet than at drawing. But don’t despair just yet! For this reason exactly, we’ve hired class-A cartoon specialists who are eager to transform your ideas into pictures. Just send them over, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Post your pieces of art to this Bitcointalk thread until August 26. Contest rules are as follows:

  • You can enter as many ideas as you like, but you can win only 1 prize
  • An idea will be credited to the first person submitting it
  • Use a maximum of 3 frames/panels per cartoon
  • No violence, racism, misogyny or the like. Behave, the Internet is watching.  

Here are some suggestion for topics:

  • The bnktothefuture.com fundraising round
  • The Alpha Release
  • The Value of your attention
  • dApps you can build on Synereo
  • Anything else Synereo related


And these are the rewards  you’re in for:

1st prize: $250 in AMPs

2nd prize: $175 in AMPs

3rd prize: $100 in AMPs

4th – 10th prizes: $50 in AMPs


The contest will run for two weeks, officially ending August 26, after which the winners will be announced and rewarded.

Have fun!

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