On last week’s community hangout, Greg told us that the joint venture with our partners at wewowwe.com made some major steps forwards.

Wewowwe.com is a sports-based social network and market place plugged into Synereo. Users are rewarded with AMP’s directly when other users like their content.

Greg told as that the wewowwe.com project has now API functionality and is able to work with outside networks, so that users can now be compensated automatically with AMPs for their contributions to their social network.

We also learned from Greg that the components of the Synereo ecosystem are starting to converge and reveal a detailed picture of its capability.  He went on to give deeper insights about Synereo’s use of the term, “social contracts”, rather than “smart contracts”, to highlight the difference between Ethereum and Synereo’s inner workings.

On a few other fronts, Ed shared the latest edition of the awesome Architecture document in our Slack channel (you should join it if you haven’t already), and Eric said that the Dev landing page is up on the new website. Rogayeh informed us that she has been working through user experience stories, to further prepare for the  Synereo Alpha release.

That’s it for this time. The full hangout can be viewed here.

And you’re always invited to

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