This update brings us an interview with our Chief Technology Officer Greg Meredith by Arthur Falls of the Ether Review.  It’s a technical piece that takes a deep dive into the inner workings of Synereo’s development and presents the reasons behind some of our tech choices.

The Synereo platform began as a decentralized social network but out of a need for smart contracts, high scalability, and concurrent transactions, the project has become something much more than a replacement for Facebook. Greg’s work is fascinating and novel… “

Greg also announced that he will be speaking at Ethereum’s DEVCON2 in Shanghai, September 19-24, and at BACAT (Bay Area Categories And Types) October 29th at Santa Clara University.  He will be presenting on Logic via Distributive Laws.

Our product and design team has traveled to Seattle to join Greg and the dev team to make sure all goals and objectives for the Alpha are in Sync. As much as we love working remotely, face-to-face is always refreshing.

Amplifiers are in full AMP mode.  We are lucky to have found a dedicated and creative team.  Look out for the next recruiting round if you are interested in participating.

SynereoBay attended the D10E Conference where Greg spoke about Agency in a decentralized setting. The international audience at D10E is focused on decentralization in FinTech, disruptive tech and culture, the sharing economy, and the future of work.

Our Platform Architecture and updated Product Roadmaps are soon to be released onto the newly unbranded website. The unbranding strategy ensures that we keep our eye on the Alpha Ball.

A cross-discipline team led by Dor has been finalizing the basic Attention Economy implementation for the Alpha, making some final adjustments and improvements; of note are new mechanisms that we believe will better incentivize both content creation and curation through AE-based AMP rewards and a preliminary reputation system.

We appreciate your attention.

– The Synereo Team

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