During the past week, we’ve had many conversations about the sharing of Synereo’s “DAO attack-preventing” code.  The response was positive, and interest in working with Synereo’s platform and utilizing our smart contracting framework rose.

Our new Amplifier Program began, with the team getting established in our Slack channel.  More applicants are being processed, and still coming in!


Weekly Community Hangout 70

We had a visitor from China, Yang Ciu of Action Mark,  show up for our hangout. We engaged in an interesting talk about the Attention Economy, Reputation, and Social Value.

Dor announced that the BTTF campaign will now allow purchasing AMPs separately from equity, offering both options for maximum choice. It will kick off with the release of our Alpha, as well as our first Synereo Conference, during the first week of September.

Malthus John introduced two of our new Amplifiers: Jake Vartanian and Daniel Dela Rosa.  They each spoke a bit about their thoughts about Synereo. Daniel Estrada will be adding to his previous role as one of our Advisors, taking the more active role of an Amplifier.

Greg reviewed Project 11, and talked about some news from the dev side.  One promising benefit of recent developments is the ability to generate new type systems for other contracting languages, and then being able to use this as the basis for searches for smart contracts in repositories.



Rogayeh, our economics expert, has finished a rough draft for a report on the economics of decentralized attention, and the effects of Reo in it. It includes a comparison to other reputation-based publishing and collaboration platforms in the space. After getting input from others in our team, the final version will be shared publicly.

Ed reports the following progress on the Alpha:

  • Finished basics of posts with tags. Inline tags are now parsed and applied.
  • Search based on a tag (label). (ongoing)
  • Omni Layer adapter, for simple transaction and for checking balance. (ongoing).
  • Docker and Travis CI improvements, testing
  • Posted with an image (ongoing)
  • Drafted job positions for Technical Program Manager (TPM), Cryptocurrency & Security Development Engineer, and others. Circulated for review.
  • Updated product backlog
  • Began work on performance bug


That’s all for this week!


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