In the past week, we’ve shown that Synereo’s formally-verified smart contracting language would have prevented the attack on The DAO.

A more approachable piece has been published on The Merke: DAO Attack Nullified Using Synereo’s Smart Contracting Language.

We believe Synereo is the leading platform for creating secure and scalable decentralized contracts and applications, and are committed to bringing these tools to the developer community post-haste.


Fireside chat with Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff, the media theorist famous for coining the term “viral media”, joined us for a live hangout. Check out his thoughts about the Attention Economy, and a discussion with Dor about how not to repeat the mistakes of the creators of the Internet.

Weekly Community Hangout 69 Published

This week, we discussed the new Amplifier Program. The program, offering $400 worth of AMPs per month, is still open for registration.

The initial phase of the program, with our first five Amplifiers, will begin this week.

An up to date demo of our app has been given, and updates about the development of Rholang discussed.

These AMPs go to 11!

Announcing project 11. Projects we didn’t know we needed… but you did! Successful participation in Project 11 comes with a 1,111,111-AMP sized bounty.


Work continues on the UI for the social platform

Progress this week

  • Clarified security requirements for Alpha and beyond.
  • Search based on a tag (label). (ongoing)
  • Verified implementation of Introduction UI. Currently implemented as non-permissive. (ongoing).
  • Omni Layer adapter, for simple transaction and for checking balance. (ongoing).
  • Switched server build from Maven to sbt
  • Completed initial implementation of crypto library GoldBug
  • Removed unused code from SpecialK
  • Implemented server selection dialog as temporary configuration workaround.
  • Updated product backlog

Goals for coming week

  • Finish basics of posts with tags. (update for new tag strings)
  • Search based on tags or connections (update for new tag strings, connections)
  • Display a post with a feature image. (First, with sample data, then Create a Post with feature image).
  • Understand design of Omni with agent model and begin implementation.

That’s all for this week!


Get involved in the Synereo community

Get AMP bounties for open tasks, or submit your own proposal!

See our Slack channel for details.

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