We’re accelerating in Silicon Valley


Our acceptance into the prestigious NFX accelerator marks a unique point in the Synereo journey. We’d like to thank you for your continued attention and support.

What we’re up to:

  • Knee deep in code, very close to ALPHA. We now have 8 developers, 6 working full-time.

  • The Bay team is nailing our product design and communication strategy in Silicon Valley’s invite only NFX accelerator.

  • Simple Synereo Node installation is available.

  • We’re building our own, AMP-based scalable blockchain. Synereo’s new Proof-of-Stake Blockchain is already specified.

  • Synereo’s community is making sure its culture is as decentralized as the platform it will support. Our slack channel is far from slack.

  • We’ve secured over $500,000 in recent months. NFX, iAngels and other leading investors are now backing us financially.


With our next crowdfunding campaign just around the corner, we’d like to get to know you better. 


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We would be remiss if our newsletter didn’t do the same.


– Synereo team


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