Today, Synereo is announcing a new opportunity to earn AMPs for community members who want to see this project grow. We have created a new role called the Scribe, responsible in helping us detail some of the most crucial aspects to our story and highlight our weekly operations. This role helps us show unprecedented transparency and lets the public know that we are an active and vital community tackling the largest problems in decentralized application design.

As a Scribe, you’ll not only take part in shaping the conversation about our community and our efforts to build a robust decentralized platform, you’ll be tasked with sharing our communications across our network and beyond. In the simplest terms, you’ll record notes of the important updates and highlights of our weekly video conversations, prepare a short bullet point summary of the discussion, and send these to us to share on our various channels and blog. Beyond the simple tasks you’ll take a leadership role in our growing community, and help us make a meaningful impact onto the world stage.

Our hangouts take place every Wednesday at 11:00am PST. If you take on the bounty, we only ask that you send us your summary within 24 hours of the talk.

Your service will help the Synereo team and project greatly. As we are in crunch mode working to push out our first application and working closely with our partners creating their protocols and applications on top of the platform, taking the time to update our community in every channel and through more venues than the hangout would take a toll. This will make a meaningful impact on our ability to spread the word, especially to people who prefer to quickly go over the text summary rather than watch the video.

The reward is 60$ worth of AMPs per summary. We’ll add a bonus for every venue (Reddit, FB, related forums, etc) you share it on and send us a link to.

To apply, please send an email to [email protected].

Priority will be given to people who are already active participants in the hangouts and those who attach a sample of their writing – a post on a forum, a blog post, or anything showing that you can put down words on a page in a well-structured form.


The Synereo Team

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