We’ve been hard at work here at the Synereo (distributed) HQ. Here are some of our latest updates. Check out the last item for an important notice about AMPs.

Team in Seattle

Dor spent the last 2 weeks in the US, meeting with Synereo’s existing and potential partners and talking to investors. He spent a week working alongside Greg in Seattle, joined by Navneet, a new developer who is working both with Synereo and with our partners at LivelyGig.


Work on both the design and bits of the frontend advanced.

Frontend / Tech Update


The sketch above is one of the first ones our new designer produced for our UI refresh. We’re pushing to make the parts people are used to very standard and familiar while making the unique Synereo features stand out.

We completed a major portion of converting the application to use scala.js instead of Haxe. This has been a long-awaited development, largely blocked by a viable scala -> js compiler. Scala.js is such an offering, enjoying a vibrant team and community behind it.

Instead of just doing a straight port of the Haxe code to scala.js, however, we are taking the opportunity to update the look and feel of the UI. This is done in collaboration with LivelyGig, as we aim to share the same basic frontend template.

We’re backing away from the drag-n-drop (which was always there just to get the ball rolling), but are still fully committed to the reactive paradigm of channels and labels/filters. You can see other changes in the design draft above such as creating more screen real estate by having a post sliding tray and having a centralized notification area.

Synereo Community Hangout news

Synereo was recently contacted by Lori Benjamin of Orcas Island. She is working with a group on Orcas that wants to address sustainability. They are looking at Synereo as their communication infrastructure, allowing them to self-govern through a decentralized, independent platform.

Check out the recent Synereo Community Hangout, where Lori joined to find out more. The subsequent discussion was quite rich and rewarding.

As always, we welcome you to join us for the next hangout.

MasterXchange closing and helping AMP get listed on new exchanges

On November 17th, 2015 MasterXchange will stop providing support for their exchange. If you hold your AMPs there, make sure to transfer them to Omniwallet before that time. For instructions on how to register and transfer your coins, see our guide here.

In the meantime, we want to get AMPs listed on standard exchanges. Exchanges only list coins if they see a demand for them, and this is where you come in. Check out this post for the information about the exchanges and all of the info you could simply copy and paste into their request forms.


We’re working ardently to give you something you can play with soon!


The Synereo Team

Be Part of the Solution

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