[BOUNTY] Win 50,000 AMPs for Best Tweet – Ends April 22, 8:00PM GMT!

The end of the Synereo crowdsale is approaching fast, and we’re going out guns blazing!
Anyone with a Twitter account can participate and win 50,000 AMPs (~USD 275 worth).

There are four different categories. Winners will be selected at the end of the period for the best (creative/insightful/witty/inspiring/popular) Tweets. You can tweet as many times as you like for one or more of the categories below.
To be eligible, your Tweets need to contain both @Synereo and the hashtag for the respective category:

  1. Find a Slogan for Synereo: say it with a slogan. Tweet a short slogan for Synereo. Use the hashtag #SynereoSlogan.
    Sample Tweet: Be part of the solution with @Synereo. #SynereoSlogan
  2. Best Synereo Meme: Say it with a meme. Tweet a meme about Synereo. Use the hashtag #SynereoMeme.
    Sample Tweet: You could soon have all your social networks and platforms in one, with @Synereo. #SynereoMeme (add your meme) cube
  3. Synereo Haiku: nothing says it like / haiku, keep it lean and clean / @Synereo #SynereoKu
  4. Social Ops Week: promote Synereo in any (respectable) way you can for a week. Use hashtag #SynereoOps.
    Sample Tweet: @Synereo is a social platform owned by the people who use it. #SynereoOps #bitcoin
  5. Celebrity Hunt: get the attention of an artist, musician, actor/actress, company, Bitcoin personality, etc. Tweet to your favourite celebrities to raise awareness of Synereo. Success weighs a lot when considering your submissions for the prize! Use hashtag #SynereoHunt.
    Sample Tweet: Would you like to be rewarded while sharing your content @celebrityname? On @Synereo you will. #SynereoHunt

How and when do I receive my prize?

AMPs will awarded after the end of our crowdsale. We will get in touch with the winners via a personal message on Twitter. We will then ask for an email address to send further details.

Picking the Winner

We will be monitoring all submissions for the duration of the bounty. We will choose between the ones that stand out for their originality, creativity, and best feedback (i.e. retweets, quotes, etc). We’ll also be retweeting and quoting the posts we like the most.

Go wild!

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